NDB Cluster formerly supported online DROP INDEX operations using the ONLINE and OFFLINE keywords. These keywords are no longer supported in MySQL NDB Cluster 7.5 and later, and their use causes a syntax error. Instead, MySQL NDB Cluster 7.5 and later support online operations using the sam 13.1.27 DROP INDEX Statement. Press CTRL+C to copy. DROP INDEX index_name ON tbl_name [algorithm_option | lock_option] algorithm_option: ALGORITHM [=] {DEFAULT | INPLACE | COPY} lock_option: LOCK [=] {DEFAULT | NONE | SHARED | EXCLUSIVE} DROP INDEX drops the index named index_name from the table tbl_name How to Drop an Indexin MySQL. To drop a non-primary key index, use the DROP INDEXcommand: DROPINDEXindex_name ONtable_name; The syntax requires the table name to be specified because MySQL allows index names to be reused on multiple tables. Primary keys in MySQL are always named PRIMARY(not case sensitive)

D ans ce tutoriel nous allons découvrir comment supprimer un index dans MySQL. Pour supprimer un index existant d'une table, utilisez l'instruction DROP INDEX. Syntaxe: DROP INDEX index_name ON table_name. Dans cette syntaxe: D'abord, spécifiez le nom de l'index que vous souhaitez supprimer après le mot-clé DROP INDEX. Deuxièmement, spécifiez le nom de la table dans laquelle l'index se trouve. Exemple DROP INDEX. The DROP INDEX command is used to delete an index in a table. MS Access Sur les ordinateurs multiprocesseurs qui exécutent SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition ou version ultérieure, DROP INDEX peut, à l'instar d'autres requêtes, utiliser davantage de processeurs pour réaliser les opérations d'analyse et de tri associées à la suppression de l'index cluster. Vous pouvez configurer manuellement le nombre de processeurs utilisés pour exécuter l'instruction DROP INDEX en spécifiant l'option d'index MAXDOP. Pour plus d'informations, consulte

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DROP INDEX Statement. The DROP INDEX statement is used to delete an index in a table MYSQL Drop Index If Exists · GitHub › Best Online Courses the day at www.github.com Courses. Posted: (4 days ago) Feb 29, 2020 · This was an interesting and very useful solution for the drop and add index thing if it does or does not exists. I have used your example to create a stored procedure to add an index safely so, thank you. Maybe one day MySQL will support an. alter table1 add.

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  1. DROP INDEX index_name:表示删除名称为 index_name 的索引。 DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_symbol:表示删除外键。 注意:如果删除的列是索引的组成部分,那么在删除该列时,也会将该列从索引中删除;如果组成索引的所有列都被删除,那么整个索引将被删除
  2. Run this command in the mysql client: mysql> SHOW CREATE TABLE listings; It will show you the DDL for the table, including the system-assigned name for the index
  3. Introduction to MySQL SHOW INDEXES command. To query the index information of a table, you use the SHOW INDEXES statement as follows: To get the index of a table, you specify the table name after the FROM keyword. The statement will return the index information associated with the table in the current database
  4. g as expected. Here's how to drop index in MySQL using MySQL DROP INDEX query. How to Drop Index in MySQL. Here are the steps to DROP INDEX in MySQL. We will use MySQL DROP INDEX query to remove existing index from a table. Here's the syntax of MySQL DROP INDEX comman
  5. drop index in sql - Use the DROP INDEX statement to remove an index or domain index from the database.When you drop an index, Oracle Database invalidates all objects that depend on the underlying table, including views, packages, package bodies, functions, and procedures
  6. DROP INDEX 文を使ってインデックスを削除する. DROP INDEX 文を使ってインデックスを削除する方法です。. 書式は次のとおりです。. DROP INDEX index_name ON tbl_name. インデックス名 ( index_name )とインデックスが作成されているテーブル名 ( tbl_name )を指定してインデックスを削除します。. 実際に試してみます。. 次のようなテーブルを作成しました。. その後で、 user テーブルの id.

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Alternatively, if we want to create an index on an already existing MySQL table, we can use ALTER statement. Observe the below query to add the same ordinary index on column sale_person_name as in the previous section. We will first drop the index index_on_sale_person_name and recreate it using ALTER statement Drop Index. The SQL DROP INDEX drops an existing index from the database system. To execute this command you must be the owner of the index. Syntax: DROP INDEX <index name>; Parameters On multiprocessor computers that are running SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition or later, DROP INDEX may use more processors to perform the scan and sort operations associated with dropping the clustered index, just like other queries do. You can manually configure the number of processors that are used to run the DROP INDEX statement by specifying the MAXDOP index option. For more information, se DROP INDEX statement to drop the unique index and it is dropped successfully. Means, solution in simple terms is: first remove the foreign key constraint on column(s) under unique constraint and then execute ALTER Drop an Index. You can drop an index in MySQL using the DROP INDEX statement. Syntax. The syntax to drop an index using the DROP INDEX statement in MySQL is: DROP INDEX index_name ON table_name; index_name The name of the index to drop. table_name The name of the table where the index was created. Exampl

Je cherche a modifier un script (généré par power Amc), pour qu'il puisse fonctionner à partir d'une base vide , ou non . Je bute sur les instructions suivantes : Code : - drop index NOM_INDEX on NOM_TABLE e SQL DROP TABLE. La commande DROP TABLE en SQL permet de supprimer définitivement une table d'une base de données. Cela supprime en même temps les éventuels index, trigger, contraintes et permissions associées à cette table. Attention : il faut utiliser cette commande avec attention car une fois supprimée, les données sont perdues mysql> EXPLAIN SELECT studentid, firstname, lastname FROM student WHERE class = 'CS'; You will get the output below. Here, MySQL scans the whole table that contains seven rows to find the student whose class is the CS branch. Now, let us create an index for a class column using the following statement MySQL Drop Index. MySQL allows a DROP INDEX statement to remove the existing index from the table. To delete an index from a table, we can use the following query: If we want to delete an index, it requires two things: First, we have to specify the name of the index that we want to remove. Second, name of the table from which your index belongs


  1. En SQL, la commande CREATE INDEX permet de créer un index. L'index est utile pour accélérer l'exécution d'une requête SQL qui lit des données et ainsi améliorer les performances d'une application utilisant une base de données. Syntaxe Créer un index [
  2. MySQL에서 인덱스를 삭제하는 방법은 다음과 같습니다. 1. ALTER 문 . 2. DROP 문. ALTER 문으로 인덱스 삭제. ALTER 문을 사용하면 해당 테이블에서 명시된 인덱스를 삭제할 수 있습니다. 문법. ALTER TABLE 테 이 블 이 름. DROP INDEX 인덱스 이름 . 다음 예제는 Reservation 테이블에서 NameIdx라는 이름의 인덱스를.
  3. DROP INDEX 敘述句 (SQL DROP INDEX Statement) 我們要怎麼將索引移除掉?就是使用 DROP INDEX。 MySQL. ALTER TABLE table_name DROP INDEX index_name; SQL Server. DROP INDEX table_name.index_name; Oracle. DROP INDEX index_name; MS Access. DROP INDEX index_name ON table_name; 最後更新: 2017-09-10 勘誤回
  4. DROP INDEX. Purpose. Use the DROP INDEX statement to remove an index or domain index from the database. When you drop an index, Oracle Database invalidates all objects that depend on the underlying table, including views, packages, package bodies, functions, and procedures. When you drop a global partitioned index, a range-partitioned index, or a hash-partitioned index, all the index.

MySQL - DROP INDEX Statement. A database index improves the speed of operations in a table they can be created using one or more columns, providing the basis for both rapid random lookups and efficient ordering of access to records. Practically, indexes are also a type of tables, which keep primary key or index field and a pointer to each. Indexes and Keys; AUTO_INCREMENT key; Create composite index; Create index; Create unique index; Drop index; INSERT; Install Mysql container with Docker-Compose; Joins; JOINS: Join 3 table with the same name of id. JSON; Limit and Offset; LOAD DATA INFILE; Log files; Many-to-many Mapping table; MyISAM Engine; MySQL Admin; MySQL client; MySQL.

To drop an index in MySQL you need to know the index name, for example emp_ix1: drop index emp_ix1; How to Create an Index How to Create a View IN THIS PAGE. Signup for a 90 day free trial Connect two data sources and access two dashboards. Unlimited usage of the bippLang data modeling language . Enterprise-grade, cloud, in-database business intelligence platform. Sign up for free. Platform. Answer No: 68. MySQL allows to drop existing INDEXES and PRIMARY KEYs. For this MySQL provides ALTER TABLE and DROP statements. You can use ALTER TABLE statement to drop normal or unique indexes. Syntax to drop an index by ALTER TABLE statement is like below: ALTER TABLE tablename DROP INDEX index_name; Take an example to drop an existing. mysql> ALTER TABLE Users DROP INDEX Users_Idx1; Index mysql index. Share. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email. Previous Article How to Move Unity Launcher to Bottom in Ubuntu 16.04. Next Article How to Install Notepad++ Alternative Text Editor on Ubuntu. Related Posts. How To Change MySQL User Password . July 23, 2021. How to Delete A MySQL User Account. May 27, 2021. How to. MySQL Index Tutorial - Create, Add & Drop. By Richard Peterson. Updated October 7, 2021. What is an Index? Indexes in MySQL sort data in an organized sequential way. They are created on the column(s) that will be used to filter the data. Think of an index as an alphabetically sorted list. It is easier to lookup names that have been sorted in alphabetical order than ones that are not sorted.

Sinon, un index sera créé. Par défaut, il aura le même nom que la contrainte. Lorsqu'il n'y a qu'un seul index qui peut être utilisé pour la clé étrangère, il ne peut pas être supprimé. Si vous ne voulez vraiment pas le supprimer, vous devez soit supprimer la contrainte de clé étrangère, soit créer un autre index pour elle en. MYSQL Drop Index If Exists. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. drawcode / mysql_drop_index_if_exists.sql. Last active Feb 29, 2020. Star 6 Fork 5 Star Code Revisions 3 Stars 6 Forks 5. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in.


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For 3 occasions during a 7+ hour alter drop index that I ran in 5.7.25 I witnessed over 400 sessions trying to insert into the table and waiting over 1 minute in updating event. This is a really non online way of doing online DDL. [10 Apr 2019 12:39] MySQL Verification Team . Hi, First of all, not all DDL can be done online. Check our Reference Manual for the information on the subject. Second. drop Index, mysql. Post Views: 1,674. Issue: #1553 - Cannot drop index 'index_name': needed in a foreign key constraint. An issue is generally faced when we are going to drop a unique index from a table. For example, here I have the table articles that have the following structure: Column Data type Specifications ; id: int(11) PRIMARY KEY: company_id: int(11) NOT NULL, FOREIGN KEY to. DROP INDEX drops the index named index_name from the table tbl_name. This MySQL NDB Cluster supports online operations using the same ALGORITHM=INPLACE syntax supported in the standard MySQL Server. See Section 23.6.11, Online. A databank index is a data arrangement that enhances the swiftness of table transactions. This article will show you examples about creating unique and non-unique indexes, show or check indexes, and drop the indexes for the particular table in MySQL. Straightforward illustrations will be given throughout this guide for simplicity

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mysql> Show index from empl; Empty set (0.00 sec) The UNIQUE constraint can also be dropped from 'empl' table with the help of DROP INDEX statement as follows −. mysql> DROP INDEX empno on empl; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.17 sec) Records: 0 Duplicates: 0 Warnings: 0 The syntax of the DROP INDEX statement is simple as follows: DROP INDEX [schema_name.]index_name; Code language: JavaScript (javascript) First, specify an optional schema name to which the index belongs. If you omit the schema name, Oracle assumes that the index is in your own schema. Second, specify the name of the index that you want to remove ALTER TABLE test ADD INDEX (username), DROP INDEX name, ADD INDEX name (last_name, first_name), ADD COLUMN last_visit DATE NULL; This optimization can result in significant performance improvement of administration tasks. Removing Duplicate Indexes. A duplicate index has two significant impacts: All DML statements will be slower as additional work is performed to maintain the data and index.

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Drop last row of pandas dataframe in python (3 ways) Pandas: Drop dataframe columns based on NaN percentage; Pandas: Delete last column of dataframe in python; Pandas: Drop dataframe rows based on NaN percentage; MySQL For Loop Example; Python : How to remove a file if exists and handle errors | os.remove() | os.ulink() What are indexes in MySQL You have to drop the foreign key. Foreign keys in MySQL automatically create an index on the table (There was a SO Question on the topic). ALTER TABLE mytable mysql的drop index语句不支持if exists条件,在sql中先删除索引,再创建索引,如果对于新建的数据库,库中没有该索引,就会报错,导致后面的sql不再执行。因此需要使用存储过程来判断索引是否存在,如果存在则删除。sql代码如下:DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS del_idx;create procedure del_idx(IN p_tabl..

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MySQL DROP INDEX Statement . The DROP INDEX Statement is used to delete an index in a table. Use the following below syntax to do this. Syntax. ALTER TABLE <table_name> DROP INDEX <index_name>; Example . First, we have to create a dummy table without any index. Let's see. CREATE TABLE GetCompanyDetails( C_ID INT, C_Name VARCHAR (50), C_Address VARCHAR (200), C_Description VARCHAR (250), C. If you want to drop the indexes index_col2 and index_col5, the following sql statement can be used. mysql> ALTER TABLE table1 DROP INDEX index_col2, DROP INDEX index_col5; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.09 sec) Records: 0 Duplicates: 0 Warnings: 0 After drop the indexes from the table table1, here is the indexes for the table The DROP INDEX statement removes one or more indexes from the current database. Here is the syntax of the DROP INDEX statement: DROP INDEX [IF EXISTS] index_name ON table_name; Code language: SQL (Structured Query Language) (sql) In this syntax: First, specify the name of the index that you want to remove after the DROP INDEX clause. Second, specify the name of the table to which the index. 对于MySQL 5.7及以上版本,可以执行以下命令: ALTER TABLE tbl_name RENAME INDEX old_index_name TO new_index_name 对于MySQL 5.7以前的版本,可以执行下面两个命令: ALTER TABLE tbl_name DROP INDEX old_index_name ALTER..


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mysql> ALTER TABLE album DROP index country_id, drop index album_type_id; Query OK, 553875 rows affected (15.72 sec) mysql> ALTER TABLE album ADD INDEX (country_id); Query OK, 553875 rows affected (16.76 sec) mysql> ALTER TABLE album ADD INDEX (album_type_id); Query OK, 553875 rows affected (25.23 sec) If this was a production size table, and an ALTER statement took 60 minutes or 6 hours, this. mysql> ALTER TABLE testalter_tbl DROP INDEX c; 使用 ALTER 命令添加和删除主键 . 主键只能作用于一个列上,添加主键索引时,你需要确保该主键默认不为空(NOT NULL)。实例如下: mysql> ALTER TABLE testalter_tbl MODIFY i INT NOT NULL; mysql> ALTER TABLE testalter_tbl ADD PRIMARY KEY (i); 你也可以使用 ALTER 命令删除主键: mysql> ALTER. Database indexes speed up data retrieval operations. But there is a price we pay for these benefits. In this article, we'll focus on the structure behind the MySQL index. We'll also measure database performance by using large datasets to test two versions of the same database - one with indexes and the other without them


my_indexr: Script to drop and recreate MySQL indexes. Sunday, January 12th, 2014. As can be read in this article, I was in need of a method to quickly drop all indexes (except primary keys) from a MySQL database.After googling around a bit and being astonished that apparently no-one had written such a thing yet, I wrote the script that can be seen in that article 29 juillet 2010. 376. 30 juin 2009 à 10:16. Salut, tu peux faire un drop de ton index, puis ensuite tu les recrées.... alter table ma_table drop index nom_index; alter table ma_table add unique index mon_index using.. (nom_de_ta_colonne) C'est une piste!

Ce tutoriel montre plusieurs façons dont un utilisateur peut déposer toutes les tables dans MySQL et donne des exemples de scripts pour le rendre possible. La raison pour laquelle vous ne pouvez pas supprimer toutes les tables en une seule ligne de code est que dans une base de données de taille importante et bien conçue, il y aura probablement beaucoup de contraintes de clés étrangère Date: September 22, 2005 05:23PM. This table has 13million odd rows, I thought dropping an index would be as quick as dropping a table, but it seems to have to manipulate each row. It took forever, it ran overnight, so i typed in show warnings in case it didnt work and i got this back. mysql> drop index someId on tablename MySQL index syntax. Below are the commonly used queries when interacting with indexes in MySql and MariaDB. Creating an index. The SQL below creates an index named idx_firstname on the column firstname, in the users table. Index naming depends on your naming standards. For example idx_columnname 三、mysql修改和删除索引(drop index) 在 mysql中修改索引可以通过删除原索引,再根据需要创建一个同名的索引,从而实现修改索引的操作。 基本语法. 当不再需要索引时,可以使用 drop index 语句或 alter table 语句来对索引进行删除。 1) 使用 drop index 语句. 语法格式: drop index <索引名> on <表名> 语法.

mysql 索引的建立对于 mysql 数据库的高效运行是很重要的,索引可以大大提升 mysql 的检索速度。 基本语法 mysql 提供了三种创建索引的方法: 1) 使用 create index 语句 可以使用专门用于创 DROP INDEX efface un index. C'est une extension de MySQL à la norme ANSI SQL92 . Lorsqu'une colonne est effacée d'une table, la colonne est aussi effacée de toutes les index qui l'utilise. Si toutes les colonnes qui composent un index sont effacées, l'index disparaît aussi. DROP PRIMARY KEY efface la colonne qui porte l'attribut PRIMARY KEY A descending index (available in version 8+ of MySQL) is a regular index stored in reverse order. It's helpful when you run queries for the most recently added data like you might to show your five most recent posts or the ten most recent comments on all your posts. Index Data Structures . MySQL has options in the type of data structure to use when creating index tables. The indexes can be. To drop a primary key, the index name is always PRIMARY, which must be specified as a quoted identifier because PRIMARY is a reserved word: DROP INDEX ` PRIMARY ` ON t; URL: http: // dev.mysql.com / doc / refman / 8.0 / en / drop-index.html mysql > DROP INDEX supprime l'index nommé nom_de_l_index de la table nom_de_table.DROP INDEX ne fait rien avec la version 3.22 et les précédentes. Depuis cette version, DROP INDEX est un alias d' ALTER TABLE supprimant l'index.Syntaxe de ALTER TABLE

Vous n'avez pas à déposer une table pour supprimer l'index. Vous POUVEZ supprimer un index par lui-même. Et pour info, phpmyadmin n'est pas une base de données. C'est une interface de gestion pour mysql. merci, j'ai trouvé les indices et a été en mesure de déposer ceux que je n'ai pas besoin. N'était pas en direct, mais j'ai vu la lumière. Merci Marc. Original L'auteur PiboRock. Rod Davis. Once a week, we run a script to drop all the indexes on tables in our. db, followed by another to add those indexes back (we insert every. day, so we do this to prevent index fragmenttation). The database is named BX, and the script runs these two commands: c:\mysql\bin\mysql BX < dropIndex.sql. c:\mysql\bin\mysql BX < addIndex.sql MySQL creates one automatically, though you'll have to use the SHOW INDEX command after you add the index to see the name if you're curious what it is. If you want to remove an index, you can do that using two similar methods. DROP INDEX index_name ON table_name; ALTER TABLE table_name DROP INDEX index_name MySQL ne peut pas supprimer l'indice requis dans une contrainte de clé étrangère. je dois modifier ma base de données existante pour ajouter une colonne. Par conséquent, je souhaite également mettre à jour le champ UNIQUE pour englober cette nouvelle colonne. J'essaie de supprimer l'index courant, mais j'obtiens toujours l'erreur MySQL.


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You will notice that if we drop primary key on the clustered index column, it also automatically drops the clustered index. Remember, it is not a good idea to have a table without clustered index or primary key as they are very critical element in RDBMS for database integrity and performance ) また、通常のdrop indexはトランザクションブロックの中で行うことができますが、drop index concurrentlyはできません。 if exists. インデックスが存在しない場合でもエラーになりません。 この場合注意メッセージが発行されます。 name. 削除するインデックスの名前です(スキーマ修飾名も可. How to DROP FOREIGN KEY Constraint in MySQL. Here are the steps to drop foreign key constraint in MySQL. Here's the syntax for DROP FOREIGN KEY statement: ALTER TABLE table_name DROP FOREIGN KEY constraint_name; In the above drop foreign key query, specify table_name from which you want to remove foreign key, in place of table_name With foreign_key_checks=0, dropping an index required by a foreign key constraint places the table in an inconsistent state and causes the foreign key check that occurs at table load to fail. To avoid this problem, remove the foreign key constraint before dropping the index (Bug #70260). IMHO you should drop FOREIGN KEY before DROP the COLUMN

Fossies Dox: mysql-8..27.tar.gz (unofficial and yet experimental doxygen-generated source code documentation) Public Member Functions | List of all members Sql_cmd_drop_index Class Reference fina 4. Indexes - High Performance MySQL [Book] Chapter 4. Indexes. Indexes allow MySQL to quickly find and retrieve a set of records from the millions or even billions that a table may contain. If you've been using MySQL for any length of time, you've probably created indexes in the hopes of getting lighting-quick answers to your queries

Index Lengths & MySQL / MariaDB. By default, Laravel uses the utf8mb4 character set. If you are running a version of MySQL older than the 5.7.7 release or MariaDB older than the 10.2.2 release, you may need to manually configure the default string length generated by migrations in order for MySQL to create indexes for them. You may configure the default string length by calling the Schema. mysql의 index 관련 공부를 하던 중 '이것이 mysql이다' 라는 책에 대한 강의가 유튜브에 올라온것을 보고 참고하였다. db에서 데이터를 가져오는데 많은 시간이 걸리기 때문에 백엔드에서 데이터베이스 튜닝은 매. Le catalogue d'une base de données base de données est lui-même une base contenant les métadonnées de cette première base, c'est-à-dire les informations décrivant sa structure. Selon les SGBD SGBD (systèmes de gestion de bases de données), il peut y avoir un catalogue unique pour toutes les bases contenues, comme c'est le cas sous MySQL, ou alors un catalogue par base de données. MySQL online editor. Write, Run & Share MySQL queries online using OneCompiler's MySQL online editor and compiler for free. It's one of the robust, feature-rich online editor and compiler for MySQL. Getting started with the OneCompiler's MySQL editor is really simple and pretty fast. The editor shows sample boilerplate code when you choose language as 'MySQL' and start writing queries to learn.

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drop index index_name 用于 mysql 的语法: alter table table_name drop index index_name. sql drop table 语句 . drop table 语句用于删除表(表的结构、属性以及索引也会被删除): drop table 表名称. sql drop database 语句. drop database 语句用于删除数据库: drop database 数据库名称. sql truncate table 语句. 如果我们仅仅需要除去表内的. Behold!! here is the simple script in PHP drag and drop the UI and store result in MySQL.. Include jQuery library Include jQuery UI widget library, especially interactions. Before we start, I would recommend you to learn this basic Drag & drop tutorial. Basic CSS to style our drag and drop UI .content_box { padding:5px; width:300px; float:left; height:250px; border:#00FFFF solid 1px; font. Sometimes MySQL gets it wrong. It doesn't use the right index. It happens that MySQL generates a query plan which is really bad (EXPLAIN says it's going to explore some 10,000,000 rows), when another plan (soon to show how was generated) says: Sure, I can do that with 100 rows using a key

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To drop an index in Oracle SQL, you use the DROP command. DROP INDEX index_name; It's a simple command and has only one option to change, which is the name of the index you wish to drop. So, to drop your index called idx_cust_fullname, your command would be: DROP INDEX idx_cust_fullname; Your index will now be deleted from the database. Step 3: How to Disable an Index. Disabling an index in. MySQL: SELECT with Index Hint option to Optimize the Query. The Table Indexes are always the main focus to improve the performance of any SQL Query. In MySQL, We can provide INDEX Hint to Query Optimizer for choosing our analyzed Index. In most of the cases, Query Planner and Query Optimizer are accurate to choose perfect Index Assume we want to drop the UNIQUE constraint on the Address column, and the name of the constraint is Con_First. To do this, we type in the following: MySQL : ALTER TABLE Customer DROP INDEX Con_First; Note that MySQL uses DROP INDEX for index-type constraints such as UNIQUE . Oracle Now firstly drop the Constraint of this index, then drop the index as follows. SQL> ALTER TABLE MSDBA.TEST_TABLE DROP CONSTRAINT CONST_TEST_TABLE; Table altered. SQL> DROP INDEX MSDBA.IX_TEST_TABLE; Index dropped. SQL> Do you want to learn more details about RMAN, then Click this Link and read the articles. RMAN Tutorial | Backup, Restore and.

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