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0. I created a test pipeline to understand how the parallel feature works with Jenkins. Here you can see the code: node ('docker-slave') { stage('Source') { sh 'echo Downloading source code from GIT' sh 'sleep 3' } stage('Compile'){ sh 'echo Compiling the code' sh 'sleep 3' } stage('Test') {. Classic Jenkins pipeline view is not very good at showing what is failing on a pipeline and even less when it's in parallel as each stage is a different thread. That is why Blue Ocean or the Pipeline Steps page on the classic view helped a lot here. Even on notification emails, developers are sent directly to that page. Unfortunately there is no way to know exactly what step failed when communicating to a developer

In declarative pipelines, Jenkins allows the definition of parallel stages. It further allows scripted pipeline general purpose scripts to create and manipulate the artifacts of the declarative pipeline. For example, it can create stages dynamically. I would like to know how I can dynamically create parallel executing stages When you have complex build Pipelines, it is useful to be able to see the progress of each stage. The Pipeline Stage View plugin includes an extended visualization of Pipeline build history on the index page of a flow project, under Stage View. (You can also click on Full Stage View to get a full-screen view.) To take advantage of this view, you need to define stages in your flow. You can have as many stages as you like, in a linear sequence. (They may be inside other steps such as 'node' if. ‍Parallel Pipeline — concepts The parallel step. Jenkins provides some online help for pipeline steps in form of the page behind the 'Pipeline Syntax' link that you find in the navigation. parallel - jenkins pipeline syntax . Étapes d'exécution en parallèle avec le flux de travail/pipeline Jenkins (4) Le plug - in Pipeline Stage View n'affiche actuellement qu'une liste linéaire d'étapes, dans l'ordre de leur démarrage, quelle que soit la structure d'imbrication. Blue Ocean affichera des étapes de haut niveau, ainsi que parallel succursales parallel intérieur d'une.

Jenkins Pipelines can do parallel stages for a while, even in the Declarative format 1. Although doing parallel pipelines, Jenkins didn't become awesome until Sequential Stages 2. We will dive into the magic of Sequential Stages, but first, let's start with building in parallel. Parallel Stages¶ This is an elementary example. We have an application we want to build in Java 11 - latest LTS - and the latest version of Java - now Java 13 Creating pipeline in Blue Ocean is the simplest and easiest way for anyone to start creating Pipelines in Jenkins. The editor allows users to create and edit Pipelines, add stages and parallel tasks that can run at the same time. When finished, the editor saves the Pipeline to a source code repository as a Jenkinsfile. If the Pipeline needs to be changed again, Blue Ocean makes it easy to jump back in into the visual editor to modify the Pipeline at any tim Even if you have parallel stages, you still can have different stages printed with any info that u wish. Lets assume that you call each stage with different name. You can define for your stage withEnv function what will print also your stage name or just like the msg above mentioned We can use Jenkins Pipeline to run a few stages at the same time and thanks to that parallelize test suite across a few stages to complete tests faster. In order to run parallel stages with Jenkins Pipeline, we will need a proper Jenkinsfile which represents our delivery pipeline as code via the Pipeline domain-specific language (DSL) syntax

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This post helps you understand how to parallelize multiple Jenkins jobs in a single run. If you need a basic understanding of how pipeline Jenkins job works, please follow this post Approach #1 All the stages declared under a parallel block will be executed in parallel; let's say, parallel { // the below 3 stages Set failfast true for all subsequent parallel stages in the pipeline. For example: options { parallelsAlwaysFailFast() } A comprehensive list of available options is pending the completion of INFRA-1503. stage options . The options directive for a stage is similar to the options directive at the root of the Pipeline. However, the stage-level options can only contain steps like retry, timeout.

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Executing parallel stages in a pipeline; Generating pipeline script & directives using Jenkins inbuilt generators. Types of Jenkins Pipeline. There are two types of Jenkins pipeline code. Declarative Pipeline; Scripted Pipeline; In this tutorial, we will focus only on the declarative syntax as it is an advanced version of the scripted pipeline with extensible features. Also, I recommend using. Jenkins Pipeline 在執行 Stage 時,某些情況使用平行處理可以節省很多執行所需時間,本文將會介紹幾種平行處理的方法。. 你可以在官方文件中看到 Parallel 及 Matrix 兩種實現平行處理的方法,而我除了這兩個外還會在多介紹一個利用 Parallel 去實現動態 Stage 的方法. How do you create parallel stages in Jenkins pipeline? You can now specify either steps or parallel for a stage , and within parallel , you can specify a list of stage directives to run in parallel, with all the configuration you're used to for a stage in Declarative Pipeline. We think this will be really useful for cross-platform builds and testing, as an example. How do I run Jenkins jobs. In declarative pipelines, Jenkins allows the definition of parallel stages.It further allows scripted pipeline general purpose scripts to create and manipulate the artifacts of the declarative pipeline. For example, it can create stages dynamically.. I would like to know how I can dynamically create parallel executing stages.Please note I am not talking about steps or actions, which are solved.

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  1. Jenkins. In order to run parallel stages with Jenkins Pipeline, we will need a proper Jenkinsfile which represents our delivery pipeline as code via the Pipeline domain-specific language (DSL) syntax.. Another thing we will have to figure out is the problem how to divide our test suite across parallel stages in a way that each subset of test suite executed across all stages will complete work.
  2. Dynamically defining parallel steps in declarative jenkins pipeline Solution: If you want to use dynamic parallel block with declarative pipeline script, you have to apply two changes to your Jenkinsfile: You have to define running_set as a Map like [task 1: { somefunc()}, task 2: { somefunc2() }] - keys from this map are used as parallel stages names; You have to pass running_set to.
  3. Jenkins pipeline just told me: Working off of the existing answers and the Jenkins example documentation I came up with the following nested parallel solution. The Stage View (2.19) plugin and Blue Ocean (1.24.5) do not display them as you would hope, so I used the Groovy Postbuild (2.5) plugin (whitelisted) to show a result summary on the build page of the Classic View (the Badge plugin.
  4. Running stages in parallel with Jenkins workflow/pipeline (4) The built-in Pipeline Steps (a tree table listing every step run by the build) shows arbitrary stage nesting. The Pipeline Stage View plugin will currently only display a linear list of stages, in the order they started, regardless of nesting structure. Blue Ocean will display top-level stages, plus parallel branches.
  5. Introduction. In the previous post, we focused on setting up declarative Jenkins pipelines with emphasis on parametrizing builds and using environment variables across pipeline stages.. In this post, we look at various tips that can be useful when automating R application testing and continuous integration, with regards to orchestrating parallelization, combining sources from multiple git.

Example declarative pipelines for Jenkins. Contribute to cvitter/jenkins-pipeline-examples development by creating an account on GitHub The blue ocean plugin might be able to give you the view that you want. In my experience, the vanilla pipelines just append Columns to a table The Pipeline Stage View plugin includes an extended visualization of Pipeline build history on the index page of a flow project, under Stage View. (You can also click on Full Stage View to get a full-screen view.) To take advantage of this view, you need to define stages in your flow. You can have as many stages as you like, in a linear sequence For instance, in Meta Data Creation stage, if 'Activity Category Type' and 'Campaign' stage get failed, I will rerun only those two stages. I don't want to rerun the other parallel stages inside of the Meta Data Creation, that are passed. I've tried Restart from stage option in Jenkins UI. But, it won't run the specific failed stages only Jenkins Pipeline Specifying Labels and Parallel Processing. In Jenkins Pipeline, it is possible to specify which slave to run each stage on. Before we go into the code, let's see how we can set up a pipeline job. Create a pipeline job. Select Pipeline script from SCM. Set the Repository URL

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Customize Jenkins pipeline stage view. Jenkins declarative pipeline parallel steps executors. Create a temporary directory for specific steps in Jenkins pipeline . Dynamically defining parallel steps in declarative jenkins pipeline. Mocking jenkins pipeline steps. Jenkins Pipeline: build steps not running concurrently? Run stage only if previous stage was successful in Jenkins Scripted. Conditional step/stage in Jenkins pipeline. Doing the same in declarative pipeline syntax, below are few examples: stage ('expression-branch') { when { expression { return env.BRANCH_NAME != 'master'; } } steps { echo 'run this stage - when branch is not equal to master' } } The directive beforeAgent true can be set to avoid spinning up an. 結果の可視化: Stage View. Jenkinsの推奨プラグインである、Stage View Pluginを使うとPipelineを可視化することができます。 各Stageでの所要時間のところからログ(の末尾部分)を出すこともでき、結果の要約を簡単に確認することもできます Pipeline stage details for parallel run. We currently run 9 worker nodes, 1 master and 8 slaves. In our parallel run Jenkins stage, we first launch the slave workers, who will listen for commands coming from the master. The number of workers is passed as parameter from the Jenkins job with a default value to 9

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  1. To a Jenkins pipeline with parallel stages: (view in My Videos) When the pipeline is executed: What is Needed. CAS programs, written to support parallel stages, pushed in GitLab. A Jenkins file containing the Jenkins pipeline definition, stored in GitLab. Jenkins running the pipeline with SAS Viya as an agent. CAS Programs in GitLab. When you parallelize the stages, it must make sense from a.
  2. To start using pipelines we have to install the Pipeline plugin that allows composing simple and complex automation. We can optionally have the Pipeline Stage View one too so that when we run a build, we'll see all the stages we've configured
  3. e Failed Stage in Jenkins Declarative Pipeline. Overview . This can be achieved generically using Blue Ocean plugin API. Class PipelineNodeGraphVisitor can be used to iterate over all pipeline nodes (such as stages, parallel branches and steps). We just have to check if the type property of FlowNodeWrapper equals FlowNodeWrapper.NodeType.STAGE. Additionally we can get the failure cause.
  4. You can run a pipeline that mocks the behavior of a Matrix jobs. You can trivially run the different combinations in parallel and express the structure like a Matrix. In terms of Visualization however, Pipeline Stage View is not able to display the result in a Matrix structure. There are long standing improvement issues about this: JENKINS.

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  1. See a live demonstration from a Jenkins Contributor Summit: Vision. This plugin aims to bring the best of Blue Ocean into the regular Jenkins UI. That means functionality like: Pipeline graph; Summary of runs in a job (like Pipeline Stage View Plugin, but simpler, more modern and more performant) Modern logs viewing; The plugin should be lightweight, using or providing extension points where.
  2. Using GIT variables in a declarative Jenkins pipeline How to delete old Jenkins builds on repository branches how to trigger jenkins job via curl command remotely Safely delete the contents of 'workspace' and 'jobs' in Jenkins The option to Launch slave agents via Java Web Start is missing from new node configuration, how can I add it to the options menu
  3. 发布日期: 2018-05-13 : 官方网站: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Pipeline+Stage+V 开源组织: Jenkins CI Plugins Pipeline Stage View

Home » org.jenkins-ci.plugins.pipeline-stage-view » pipeline-stage-view » 1.4 Pipeline: Stage View Plugin » 1.4 Provides a swimlane view of the different stages in a pipeline to Jenkins Users. you can use the parallel step in a declarative pipeline. you cannot wrap multiple stages inside a parallel step unless you use scripted (currently. this may be implemented in declarative in the future). it is very hard to read code that is not indented. please indent your code. :) i think this is your pipeline, but with. to Jenkins Users. Ah just saw you need the job to call all builds even if one fails. You can do it with a parallel section like this: Map buildResults = [:] Boolean failedJobs = false. void nofify_email (Map results) {. echo TEST SIMULATE notify: $ {results.toString ()}

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A Pipeline job is an aggregation of all the stages or steps (build, test and deploy, etc) as one unit, comprising multiple stages, which are by default run in sequential order but can be run in parallel as well. All these steps can be defined in a file as code, called Jenkinsfile via Pipeline Domain-Specific Language (DSL). This file can be committed to Git, this is a step towards attaining CI. Instead of a monolithic Jenkins file with a large number of stages that execute when triggered, there are two Jenkins files for which all stages always run. This is contrary to Pipeline thinking, where every build always runs through the same stages. Moreover, a certain degree of redundancy between the two pipelines cannot be avoided. For example, the build stage is necessary in most cases for. Allows the users to view the history of their pipelines with stage information (failed/In Progress/Passed) and the changes monitored) Releases: 1.8 Added the option for showing only the last build of a pipeline matching the patterns; 1.7 bugfixe Jenkins Declarative Pipeline First Declarative Pipeline pipeline Agent agent Any agent none agent label stages stage steps Environment Variables Referring Env Variables from Jenkins configuration Creating & Referring Environment variable in Jenkinsfile Initialize Env variables using sh commands credentials Loading credentials in declarative pipeline when Simple when block when block using.

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Jenkins est sans conteste l'outil de CI le plus populaire avec la multitude d'actions qu'il sait mener, accompagné de sa galaxie de plugins. Lorsqu'il est question de pipeline de delivery, on peut résumer de la manière suivante : Checkout, Test, Build, Release, Deploy . Dans ce scénario, Spinnaker et Jenkins sont complémentaires. I am thinking to replace the 'parallel' call for any other Jenkins command, Jenkins Declarative pipeline: Execute stage conditional on execution of previous stage. 0. Jenkins declarative pipeline Warning: JENKINS-41339 probably bogus PATH . 0. Add stages to Jenkins declarative pipeline through shared library. 1. Run multiple (dynamic list) other jobs from a single job. Hot Network. You can view the logs in the Web Console or use the oc logs command to etc) as stages in the pipeline and define the pipeline flow accordingly. A use-case for that is creating an on-demand TEST environment on OpenShift and run the system integration tests against the deployed application directly from the pipeline. Jenkins 2 is backwards compatible with Jenkins 1.x and therefore the.

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  1. With Jenkins CI/CD's latest version, creating a Jenkins Declarative pipeline is no longer code-intensive or daunting. With our story-like approach, we aim to guide you through to understanding, creation, and maintainability of Jenkins Declarative pipeline examples
  2. On the Jenkins dashboard, click on New Item. Then enter an item name, for example, 'First Pipeline' and select the 'Pipeline' project. Then click on, OK. Click on the Pipeline tab as shown in the image below, and put your JenkinsFile code (Groovy Code) here. pipeline { agent any stages { stage ('Build') { steps { echo 'Hi, GeekFlare
  3. d it doesn't include every feature of Jenkins master interface.Next time we will check some pipeline use case and see how to use features like.
  4. Jenkins Pipeline. In Jenkins, a pipeline is a collection of events or jobs which are interlinked with one another in a sequence. It is a combination of plugins that support the integration and implementation of continuous delivery pipelines using Jenkins.. In other words, a Jenkins Pipeline is a collection of jobs or events that brings the software from version control into the hands of the.
  5. As you can see from the above pipeline file., I set 6 stages, each stage corresponding different task. Setup automatic build on push. In this section, I will set up an automatic build on push. Each push to the source code will trigger your Jenkins to run all of these stages as I described above. In order to complete that, we need to set on both Jenkins and Github, so they can communicate with.
  6. Jenkins Pipeline 插件对于 Jenkins 用户来说可以让用户能够改变游戏规则。基于 Groovy 中的领域特定语言(DSL),Pipeline 插件使 Pipelines 可以有脚本来定义,并且提供了非常强大的方法来开发复杂的、多步 DevOps Pipeline 。本文记录了编写 Jenkins Pipeline 的一些的最佳实践和不推荐的代码示例和说明

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Pipeline为用户设计了三个最最基本的概念: Stage:一个Pipeline可以划分为若干个Stage,每个Stage代表一组操作。注意,Stage是一个逻辑分组的概念,可以跨多个Node。 Node:一个Node就是一个Jenkins节点,或者是Master,或者是Agent,是执行Step的具体运行期环境 Pipelineプラグインを使用し、CloudBeesステージビューを使用してビルドを構築しています。 ステージが実行されている間に、各ステージのボックス内のテキストを変更できるかどうかは疑問です。現在は、実行中の時間だけが表示されます。代わりに、いくつかのテスト結果を表示することに興味. Jenkins Pipeline is the workflow that implements the Continuous Delivery pipeline with the Jenkins features, tools, and plugins. There are two different ways to create a Jenkins pipeline. One is Declarative Pipeline, and another is a Scripted Pipeline. In this article, we will see how to create a Jenkins Declarative pipeline. This tutorial will give you insight into the structure and. Jenkins Declarative Pipeline Example. * the stage directive should contain a steps section, an optional agent section, or other stage-specific directives. // This step pauses Pipeline execution and allows the user to interact and control the flow of the build

Pipeline的几个基本概念: Stage: 阶段,一个Pipeline可以划分为若干个Stage,每个Stage代表一组操作。注意,Stage是一个逻辑分组的概念,可以跨多个Node。 Node: 节点,一个Node就是一个Jenkins节点,或者是Master,或者是Agent,是执行Step的具体运行期环境 Jenkins pipeline: parallel stages; Jenkins Pipeline: Collect exit code from external commands; Jenkins pipeline: Get previous build status - getPreviousBuild ; Jenkins pipeline: interactive input during process; Jenkins pipeline: List agents by name or by label; Jenkins pipeline: add badges; Jenkins Pipeline - set and use environment variables. Jenkins; Devops; printenv; sort; sh; environment. Jenkins 2.x的精髓是Pipeline as Code,是帮助Jenkins实现CI到CD转变的重要角色。什么是Pipeline,简单来说,就是一套运行于Jenkins上的工作流框架,将原本独立运行于单个或者多个节点的任务连接起来,实现单个任务难以完成的复杂发布流程。Pipeline的实现方式是一套Groovy DSL,任何发布流程都可以表述为一段. The GDSL file from Jenkins 2.164 does not contain everything needed for scripted pipelines either. parallel is missing and usernamePassword is missing. You can add these lines. You can add these lines Instead of a monolithic Jenkins file with a large number of stages that execute when triggered, there are two Jenkins files for which all stages always run. This is contrary to Pipeline thinking, where every build always runs through the same stages. Moreover, a certain degree of redundancy between the two pipelines cannot be avoided. For example, the build stage is necessary in most cases for.

Jenkins pipeline Stages can have other stages nested inside that will be executed in parallel. This is done by adding the parallel directive to your script. An example of how to use it is provided Stage stage 'build' sh ${tool 'M3'}/bin/mvn clean install stage name: 'deploy', concurrency: 1 sh 'mv target/app.war /tmp' Tant que le stage deploy n'est pas terminé, les exécutions suivantes s'arrêtent avant deploy; Si plusieurs exécutions sont en attente de deploy, c'est la dernière qui est retenue. Stage. Chargement d'un fichier de scrip Jenkins stores all of the pipeline configuration in a Jenkinsfile, placed at the root of your repository. Whenever you make updates to the pipeline in the editor, Jenkins will commit the change to your Jenkinsfile. Each pipeline will have a few distinct stages, such as Build, Test, or Deploy, which will contain individual steps. These can do. Để thiết lập được pipeline và visualize stage lên ta cần những plugin sau. Build Pipeline; Pipeline Stage View; Nhớ chọn restart lại Jenkins. Thiết lập Pipeline trong Jenkins. Cách 1: Chọn kiểu job/item là Pipeline project. Create Item > chọn Pipeline projec When you're writing a Jenkins pipeline, sometimes you want to find a way to be able to inject some dynamic values into the pipeline, so that you don't have to hardcode everything the pipeline. This is especially useful for things like: runtime configuration for your job. additional job parameters which you might only know at runtime, but not at design time. sensitive data which should only.

How to run E2E tests in Cypress with Jenkins pipeline stages to get the shortest CI build time. Automated testing using parallel Cypress testing Jenkins Pipeline as Code allows you to define and automate pipelined job processes with code. Code that can be stored and versioned in a repository which allows you to track changes over time and used by jenkins to run build jobs. If you are already using Jenkins, you should have already heard of pipeline as code but if you have not, this course will help you learn what it is, and also help. With pipeline how we can run jobs Parallel, Options section, Parameters, When, Bat, POST etc . With Pipeline how build will wait to get approve from specific user, Example My Sonar % is not upto the mark, so to proceed get approval from Lead. We'll see how we can run stages based on the commit messages, like if i pass specific keyword in the commit message then only the build has to start. [JIRA] (JENKINS-56945) Pipeline suddenly terminated when running in parallel: java.io.NotSerializableException: groovy.util.slurpersupport.NodeChil c. Stage. Stage in a Jenkins Pipeline consists of a unique subset of tasks such as Build, Test, Deploy, etc. The Stage block is used by many plugins for providing the visualization of Jenkins status (and progress). d. Step. Step is a single task that tells Jenkins what exactly needs to be done. For example, setting an environment variable can be done in a step, executing a build command can.

Pipeline ; Mercurial ; Blue Ocean. Jenkins propose un gestionnaire de modules qui permet de les installer, les supprimer ou les mettre à jour à travers une interface simple. Celle-ci se trouve dans le menu Administrer Jenkins → Gestion des plugins. Par défaut, Jenkins installe de nombreux modules, notamment liés à JAVA. Si vous ne les utilisez pas, vous pouvez les désinstaller. III. C-style loops only - no functional Groovy yet (JENKINS-26481) Script approval can be cumbersome (aka whitelisting); Existing plugins support — Though quickly improvin The Jenkins and DevOps test evaluates a candidate's understanding of the practices and tools of the DevOps lifecycle, as well as their knowledge of Jenkins.. It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening of candidates applying for any DevOps engineer or developer role. DevOps engineers who work with Jenkins should demonstrate their ability to work with the automation tool, including the. By modeling a series of tasks in a Jenkinsfile, users can take advantage of Jenkins Pipeline's many features, including durability, extensibility, and user interaction. To fully recognize the. Jenkins 2.0 - Next Generation of Pipeline as Code. Oct 18, 2016. I've recently been working with the new pipeline plugin dsl in Jenkins 2.0 and the more I work with it the more I like it - I truly believe that it's the next generation of pipeline as code even though it has several limitations and gotchas that I will describe

Jenkins Pipeline的总体介绍1.Jenkins Pipeline 的核心概念Pipeline,简而言之,就是一套运行于Jenkins上的工作流框架,将原本独立运行于单个或者多个节点的任务连接起来,实现单个任务难以完成的复杂流程编排与可视化。Pipeline是Jenkins2.X的最核心的特性,帮助Jenkins实现从CI到CD与DevOps的转变Pipeline是一组.. Jenkins creates workflows using Declarative Pipelines, which are similar to GitHub Actions workflow files. Jenkins uses stages to run a collection of steps, while GitHub Actions uses jobs to group one or more steps or individual commands. Jenkins and GitHub Actions support container-based builds. For more information, see Creating a Docker. If you have not used Jenkins Pipelines before, I Clicking on Stage View provides console information: 5_consoleinfo.png. Using Blue Ocean . Jenkins' Blue Ocean provides a better UI for Pipelines. It is accessible from the job's main page (see image above). 6_oceanblue.png. This simple Pipeline has one stage (in addition to the default stage): Checkout SCM, which pulls the Jenkinsfile in. In this blog, we saw the central feature of Jenkins learning how to create a job in Jenkins, Jenkins build job and creating pipeline projects. Through the Jenkins freestyle project, you can build your project, combine any SCM with any build system. We also saw a few extensions of Freestyle projects like the docker container images. The conversion of freestyle projects into Declarative.

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Jenkins Pipeline is a stack of Jenkins plugins and other tools which helps implementing and continuous integration and delivery pipelines. In Jenkins, Pipelines are written in DSL code which implements this continuous integration and delivery pipeline jobs. Get the pipeline plugin from the Jenkins plugin market place and install into the. • options:用于配置Jenkins pipeline本身的选项,比如options {retry(3)}指当pipeline失败时再重试2次。options指令可定义在stage或pipeline部分。 • parallel:并行执行多个step。在pipeline插件1.2版本后,parallel开始支持对多个阶段进行并行执行

Continue Jenkins pipeline past failed stage - Stack Overflow[JENKINS-46809] Allow sequential stages inside parallel in[JENKINS-45310] Blueocean: Display stage total times[JENKINS-47219] Conditional parallel stages are notJenkins Pipeline As Code